Paradiso Summer Cocktail Series: Green Tea & Cucumber Martini

Paradiso Summer Cocktail Series: Created by Sommelier Brett Hart using fresh, organic seasonal ingredients and artisanal liquors combined to create unique drinks to enjoy all summer by the pool, or by the beach.

Paradiso Green Tea & Cucumber Martini

- Juice 1 Lemon
_ 3 thin slices Fresh Muddle Cucumber
- 1 tbsp organic Blue Agave Nectar
- 2oz Organic Cucumber Vodka (we used Square One)
- 3 oz brewed organic Green Tea

1. Shake and Stir all Ingredients
2. Pour in Martini glass.
3. top of with Pellegrino Sparkling water.
4. Garnished with cucumber slice using a Japanese Buckwheat.

You can try to make this martini in your home or stop by Paradiso Ristorante this week and Sommelier Bret Hart will prepared it for you!