Paradiso Summer Recipe Series- Peach and Mascarpone Risotto

Before we begin our fall recipe series we bring you the last of our summer recipe series. We are creating a Summer Risotto. This dish is perfect for a flavorful lunch or dinner or a unique new item for your summer entertaining menu.

The summer ingredients we are using are peaches; combined with mascarpone and parmesan to create a fresh, light summer risotto.

4 tbsp mascarpone

2 cups rice

2 tbsp butter

2 tbsp parmesan cheese

2 fresh peaches, ripe but firm


1 gallon of vegetable broth

To prepare the broth:

- bring the broth to boil and keep hot

To prepare the risotto:

  • thinly chop the shallot
  • braise until golden brown with 1 tbsp of butter in a risotto pan
  • add 2 cups of rice
  • stir into braised onions
  • slowly add broth, keeping broth just covering the rice
  • as the rice absorbs the broth, slowly add more
  • repeat and continue until the rice has cooked for 20 minutes

To perpare the peaches

  • dice into cubs slightly larger than the cooked rice grains

To incorpate the mascarpone and peaches

  • stir in the mascarpone and peaches while rice is still over the heat
  • the flavors are slowly released during 5 additional minutes of cooking

Remove from the heat add remaining butter and parmesan cheese in what we call mantecare.

Mantecare: Italian word to describe the last process of making risotto. It is the binding of the butter and parmesan, done while rice is removed from the heat to avoid breaking the butter. This is what creates the creamy texture of risotto.

You have now created a classic Chef Angelo risotto recipe using one of his favorite summer fruits.