Chef Angelo makes Homemade Casciotta

Chef Angelo’s latest appetizer specials are inspired by homemade cheese.

After a trip down i95 to Boynton Beach’s Heritage Farm, Chef Angelo takes cow milk and creates melt in your mouth Casciotta, this is his “cheese story”.

Bring 100% raw cow milk to 38° C (100.4°F).






Remove from heat.

Add tablespoon of culture and stir.

Allow the cheese to cool slowly by covering while cooling.





Allow to cool for 1 1/2 hours.

The cheese will have separated from the whey.






Slice the cheese diagonally to create small pieces.






Transfer into small cheese baskets.








Be sure to fill the baskets completely.








After 1 hour of resting, the cheese will have densified and the excess whey will have drained.

Increase or decrease rest time based on desired density.






Remove cheese from basket by gently shaking.







Plate with salted sliced tomatoes, arugula or your preferred greens.

Drizzle with extra virgin olive olive.

Indulge and enjoy.




Experiment at home with homemade cheese or come to Paradiso and enjoy a Casciotta special.


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